Thursday, December 10, 2009

Nearly frostbitten......

Last Saturday was our town's annual festival of lights parade. I had gotten called off of work that day so we had decided to have a fun family evening together! The parade was to begin at 6pm. We wanted to get a good "curbside seat" so we got downtown about 5:30pm. Jonathan dumped Parker and I out to set our lawnchairs up and get ready for the show! He and the twins parked in the parking garage and found us a few minutes later.
The weather was a frigid 29 degrees and the parade ran late as usual. It didn't begin until about 6:30pm! We quickly found out why such a good curbside was available! It was right under some type of a tree that had dripped nasty sap and gummy junk all over the sidewalk and road. Our shoes were completely nasty!!!! The parade was good, but extremely long. We enjoyed seeing the different types of floats and band instruments all decorated! By the way.......kudos to Columbus Regional Hospital for winning the grand champion for the best float in the parade!!!
The twins kept crying because they were having trouble grabbing the candy before other kids got to it. We tried to explain to them to keep their gloves on and we would buy them candy afterwards. That didn't matter! (By the way, once we got home from the parade, they haven't asked for one piece of that candy since!!!)
2 frozen solid hours later.....we headed to our vehicle. They were going to light the mayor's Christmas tree and have the musical fireworks, but we opted for supper at a local Mexican joint instead! The kids didn't realize how cold they were until we were on our way to the car, then Peyton decided to cry and let the whole town know!!! After sitting in the car quite some time, our fingers and toes began to tingle and we knew we were finally thawing out. It was a fun family night and we had fun being together, making memories!!!



If it's any consolation...good thing the parade wasn't yesterday or today with the wind blowing and the wind chill factor you would have been God's chosen frozen for sure.


Probably a good thing I didn't show up with Jeff & April's boys! We went one year when the weather was decent & found it to be an exciting parade! I think you made a memory, Karen Lynn!

Nettie's Nook

Those are the best kind of memories.


Sounds like a fun family night, even if you were frozen:)