Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How far would you go to save your lost tooth???

Last Saturday, I took the kids to McDonald's in Greenfield, Indiana for an early lunch. Jonathan was practicing with the quarte,t and the kids and I were starved, so off we went. Parker got his usual, Fish Sandwich combo meal and was almost finished eating when he said, "Look Mom, my took is about to fall out!" Sure enough, he was right, it was bleeding and just hanging there by a thread. He had a bite still in his mouth so he said he was going to the bathroom to spit out his food and would come back and let me pull it out at the table! Yuck...... A few minutes later, he came out of the bathroom grinning from ear to ear and holding up his tooth! He said that when he went to spit out his food his tongue hit his tooth and it went into the toilet!!! He quickly stuck his arm down in the toilet to retrieve his treasure!!! He said he had to get it so he could put it under his pillow! After hearing his story, the first words from my mouth were, "Did you wash your hands after putting it in the toilet?" His reply, "Well, NO!" I immediately sent him back in to scrub his hands with soap!
The tooth fairy did find our house on Saturday night and we had a happy little man on Sunday morning!



Oh yuck, yuck, yuck! I can't believe he did that. : ) On Sunday, he told his Grandpa that he need $20. Gpa said "what for?"...& Parker said it was for his tooth! Man...that tooth fairy must be leaving too much under his pillow! We used to get a quarter.


Haha! We've had to look high and low for a missing tooth, but it didn't involve a toilet, thank goodness! At least he is willing to work for his money!


LOL! Gross! And, wow!...The tooth fairy is going to have to get another job around here if they get $20 now!


Oh my word!!! That is so funny. Hope he enjoys his money.


I would have had to read this after I had eaten....lol

Karen Walden

He did NOT get $20.00 under his pillow. He actually gets $1.25 for each tooth. For some reason, when he lost his first tooth, he thought he was going to get a quarter! Ever since then the "tooth fairy" always throws a quarter in with the dollar!

Peggy B.

Ewwwww.....he must have wanted the tooth fairy to come real bad.


He's so funny! Sounds like he's going to make quite the business man!!! LOL!


That is hilarious :o)

Beth Stetler

Boys! :o)


Ellie had me under the table at the incredible pizza place in the dark searching through crumbs and debris under the table to find hers that fell our during lunch. It was hard to determine a tooth from crust without touching. Who knows how many peoples nasty germs I touched